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I have been SCAMMED by the Directors of SKYShades, a Brisbane, (Australia) and Orlando, Florida (USA) based business, headed by a leading Brisbane Broncos Rugby League identity and an Australian golfing legend, specialising in shade structures and a new OPV solar product, that was going to change the world forever.

I was introduced to a 'convertible note' investment opportunity (in early 2009) to the SKYShades SCAM with a 10% interest return that was never paid. There are doubts as to the authenticity of the 'prospectus' they issued with a proposed IPO in 2010, that never eventuated.

The USA based companies were placed in Chapter 7, US Bankruptcy in 2011, which included my 'convertible note' investment and those of many others, reported to be in excess of $40million.

The SKYShades Australia based companies were placed in the hands of the liquidators in 2012. All were $2 companies with no realisable assets. Directors never invested their own funds and relied on 'sucker' mums and dads investors, like me.

Corporate watchdogs have failed to act and stop the ongoing SCAM.

Surprise, surprise, now they have risen from the ashes of these failed companies at the expense of shareholders and investors and are seeking new investors to their latest SCAM and continue to trade from their Brisbane headquarters as SKYShades: www.skyshades.com.au

After my experience and substantial loss, I recommend you STAY WELL AWAY from this SCAM!!!

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Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida Notice of Electronic Filing The following transaction was received from ADIclerk entered on 07/08/2011 at 12:00PM EDT and filed on 07/08/2011 Case Name: Sky Shades Holdings, LLC Case Number: 6:10-bk-13559-KSJ Document Number: Docket Text: Bankruptcy Case Closed. (ADIclerk)


Hater's latest scam!


Stay away!


Just spoke with Barry Maranta about my 'scammed' investment.

He tells me that the 'float' is still on, despite the collapse of all his Sky Shades companies.

The silly old goat has me still believing in the 'tooth fairy'.

His political mate 'Fat Clive' has just duded all his investors.


I'm told that investors funds are still in transit. From where I'm not sure. Same old story of bulls.....t both Barry Maranta and Rick Hayter have been feeding us for over 5 years now and they still want us to believe the same ***.


Has anyone else been offered a share in Barry and Michael Maranta's new solar business 'Sustainable Energy': www.sustainable-energy.com.au to compensate for your 'convertible note' loss in SKYShades, like I have?


You can get Michael Maranta on his mobile: 0448 466 193


As a fellow pissed off SKYShades investor, can anyone assist me with Michael Maranta's contact details?

When I went to his new website, there is no business address, phone number or fax, only his personal email address. This is of great concern as he won't respond to my emails and Barry Maranta, as shadow Director no longer takes my phone calls.


Barry Maranta couldn't save his own many business failures of the past, including SKYShades. Now he wants to help save the Gold Coast Titans, if you believe this recent Brisbane Courier Mail article.


As a Titans supporter, I don't want him anywhere near the place.

Stay in Brisbane and clean up your own back yard and repair all the lives you have destroyed in your shonky business ventures of the past.

Next thing we'll see Maranta and his fellow conmen in Greg Norman and Ric Hayter on the Titans board.

Leave us at the Titans alone.


This is where our hard earned money has gone: http://sustainable-energy.com.au/company-profile/

You will notice the co-Director is Michael (Mick) Maranta, the former SKYShades Director of Business Development and son of Barry Maranta.

You will notice there is no reference in his profile to his days in the failed SKYShades group of companies.

Is Barry Maranta a silent Director of Mick's new business venture?

Give him a call.



As time passes by, we all realise 'what fools we were' to believe in a dream that was so effectively set up by two very experienced conmen in Barry Maranta and Rick Hayter, with the backing of golfing legend Greg Norman.

Yes, we were all SCAMMED big time.

They continue to treat us all like fools telling us in a recent SKYShades Investor Updates that the international funds are 'still pending', although all companies have been wound up and deregistered by ASIC.

They now get to continue with their new SCAMS, enticing new unsuspecting investors.

What a bunch of grubs.


This is an interesting blog relating to Ric Hayter's latest SCAM - 'LTG GoldRock' http://paulsblogstuff.wordpress.com/ltg-goldrock/


That is the other thing I forgot to mention. The Update explained that Skyshades couldn't fork up the $400 to stay afloat therefore were deemed bankrupt.

Where on earth did all the money go ? We are talking many million's here of InvestorsFranchisee's hard earned money that has simply vanished.

to Down the drain #889819

Straight into Maranta's and Hayter's pockets to maintain their lavish lifestyles. The three blind mice (Laurie Bradbrook, Paul Reynolds and Claudio Favalli) got their share to shut their mouths about the SCAM.

Now they operate Australian All Energy Solutions, ripping off more investors and consumers, backed by Maranta and Hayter.

I got the same Investor Update. Same ***, same comment, different day.


Nothing has changed in over 6 years. Old Bazza is still full of *** treating investors like fools spinning the same ***.

He and Ricky Boy Hayter are the best serial conmen I've come across.

They have 30 years past history.

I would like to know where our investments are being held, particularly old Bazza's share of $1.9million he grabbed from our convertible notes investment. Does anyone know where it could be?


New Skyshades Investor update is out. LOL.

I thought after reading 90% that Bazza was telling me the truth all along until the very last paragraph when I read 2 words that have haunted me for years.............. "Pending funds"


That's interesting.

Hayter must have a lot of 'pissed off' investors from the past still looking for him, if he's continually on the move.

If you want to pay him back, lodge a caveat against his assets, like the luxury apartment at Hope Island, now up for lease.

That will screw him up Bigtime or you will find him hiding behind his wife's skirt at his Real Estate office supposedly run by his wife at Forest Lake (Brisbane) - @ap-realty, located in the Village Shopping Centre, (next to the Coffee Club) 235 Forest Lake Blvd. Richard Melvyn Hayter (now known as 'Rick') is listed as the 'property investment' guru.

Give him a call on 0414 322 900, he'd love to sell you something. He loves 'suckers'.


Richard Melvyn Hayter he is not on that address any longer ,he is on the move at all times!

Check this out :

1777 Stillwater - Rialto Quay Drive Hope Island


This million dollar FURNISHED apartment at Hope Island is now available for rent @ ONLY $950pw

The apartment is available for 12 month's or longer - just some of the many features are listed: http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-hope+island-404716607

to Payback Time2 #891411

Hayter is trying to rent out his multi-million $$ pad and has moved to his Riviera 50' Luxury Cruiser at Hope Island to escape all the publicity now that he has 'pissed off' investors hot on his tail.

You can still get him at his real estate office at Forest Lake. He now calls himself RICK, instead of Ric.

He loves a visit or call from a 'pissed off' investor from the past.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #867271

Give Richard Melvyn Hayter a call.

The grubs mobile is: 0414 322 900 or get him at home: Unit 1777, Stillwater Rialto, Quay Drive, Hope Island Qld 4212.

He still lives a lavish lifestyle at our expense.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #866973

Richard Melvyn Hayter - Tomato Technologies - Name changed to Asian Pacific Limited 07/05/2007, Blue Chip Trader Software (aka Star Trader). Done me out of $10,000.

It's only a matter of time... The wealthy among us have had enough of you RIC, so watch out because anyone can find you now and no one wants to do business with you anymore! It's not the money now RICKY boy it's the attention that you draw to all of us. You're just plain embarrassing.

Should be ashamed of yourself...

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